Get Fit at your Local Park!

Before you head to your local park, watch this informative video about the new park codes that allow for dogs at certain parks!

Have you ever wondered just how many miles you can get in on a walk around your local park? Listed below is the approximate mileage for each park’s walking path.  

  • All American Park: 1/4 Mile, Exercise Stations

  • Dills Park: 1.2 Mile Nature Trail, exercise stations throughout the park, and .2 mile walking track at the park’s south end

  • Paramount Park: 1/2 Mile, Exercise Stations

  • Progress Park: 1/2 Mile, Exercise Stations

  • Salud Park: ¼ mile rubberized walking track and decomposed granite walking trail, Exercise Stations, and sand volleyball court

  • Spane Park: 1/4 Mile

Are you interested in walking with a group of fitness minded individuals? Give us a call at (562) 220-2121 and we will see if we can match you up with a group to do some serious power walking at a local park. 

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