Public Works Commission

The Public Works Commission is an advisory body that makes recommendations to the City Council on topics such as traffic safety measures, including requests for speed humps, and parking restrictions. The Public Works Commission also serves as a forum for considering residents’ concerns regarding public works issues, such as roads, maintenance and landscaping.

The Public Works Commission conducts one regular meeting per month on the first Thursday of each month. Meetings are held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 16400 Colorado Ave.

Communitywide Parking Sub-Committee
The Public Works Commission Chair and Vice Chair also serve as committee members on the Communitywide Parking Sub-Committee. The Parking Sub-Committee hears issues related to on-street parking and recommends to the City Council solutions to address the limited parking supply in the City. The Parking Committee members typically conduct one regular meeting per month.


Alfredo Bañuelos

Vice Chair

Tony Warfield


Gina Garcia

Alvin Parks 

Rosemary Vasquez 

(Public Works Commissioners receive $100 per month.)