City Vision/Mission Statement

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City leaders and staff, with community input, have developed Paramount’s first Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Outcomes.


The Vision answers the question: what is the desired outcome of your organization? Paramount’s Vision is “A City that is safe, healthy and attractive.”


The Mission defines the organization’s purpose. For Paramount, it’s: “Dedicated to providing fiscally responsible services that maintain a vibrant community.”


Values are the guiding beliefs and principles of the organization. In Paramount, we value …

* Respectful and ethical behavior.

* Service excellence.

* Responsiveness, accountability and professionalism.

* Innovation and creativity.

* Teamwork and collaboration.

* Effective, inclusive and transparent public information and engagement.

Strategic Outcomes 

Lastly, strategic outcomes provide a “pathway” to the Vision. Here are Paramount’s:

1. Safe Community

Provide a safe place to live, work, and visit.

2. Community Health

Provide diverse recreational and cultural amenities that support healthy lifestyles and sense of community.

3. Economic Health

Support a healthy, sustainable economy reflecting community values.

4. Environmental Health

Promote, protect, and enhance a healthy and sustainably built and natural environment.

5. Attractive and Well-maintained Infrastructure

Develop and maintain City-owned infrastructure, parks, facilities, and amenities that enhance quality of life and attractiveness of the community.

6. Efficient, Effective, and Fiscally Responsible

Deliver an efficient and effective City government in a fiscally responsible, transparent, and collaborative manner.

These statements set the standard for the organization, establish priorities, uniformity, and guidelines, and guide the direction for policy decision-making. This helps the City better serve the community while, at the same time, the community gains an understanding and level of confidence in their government’s character and direction.